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Website Relaunch

For my Web Design II class, I learned to create responsive websites utilizing a program called Foundation. From that, I was able to recode my entire website to make it responsive and tailor user experience. Continue reading

Pincha Salt Digital Magazine

In my time enrolled in Drexel’s Visual Communications III class, I designed my own magazine over the course of ten weeks. In that time, I art directed, cooked, photographed, illustrated, and produced a culinary lifestyle magazine called Pincha Salt Magazine. Continue reading

Website Launch

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my first website! This past term, I took my first university web design class. I learned how to write in basic HTML and CSS as well as learning basic design changes between print in web. Continue reading

4Sight: Simon’s Journey

When I was designing my first pictorial logo for 4Sight Frames, a fictional company I was assigned in my Visual Communications 2 class, it ended up being a long, drawn-out process. Continue reading