I’m so excited to announce the launch of my first website! This past term, I took my first university web design class. I learned how to write in basic HTML and CSS as well as learning basic design changes between print in web. Over the course of five weeks, I was able to produce my own portfolio site. I still can’t believe it works!

Because I’m a Drexel University student, I’m required to go on a Co-op. This is a program guaranteeing me an internship in my field to gain on the job training before I get my degree. The Graphic Design program assigns this course during my Sophomore year to ensure that when I apply for my Co-op work, there’s a convenient online hub to showcase some choice portfolio pieces. My entire portfolio isn’t uploaded here, but these are some of my best pieces.

In designing the site, I had to keep in mind that designing for print is SO MUCH DIFFERENT than designing for web. Breaking some of my print habits turned out to be a bit of a challenge. For one, when designing for print, small typography is beautiful. Online, it’s illegible and annoying. It turns out that if you think your type online is large enough, you might want to bring it up a couple more pixels just to be safe. Pixels were another thing I had to wrap my brain around. In print you want everything at high quality, and when it comes to web, lower quality is better and measuring in pixels makes it seem like everything’s so far away based on the numeric system. It took some getting used to, but I love my new website and I’m so grateful I was able to write it.