Yellowbird Original Gift Pack

Yellowbird’s first expedition into the petite picante was their 2.2oz Original Variety Pack. It was immediately loved by members of the Flock and those looking to venture into the spicy unknown. Unfortunately, the packaging was only designed to retail online; it lacked the necessary information to sell in a brick-and-mortar retail environment. This made it difficult for newcomers who weren’t familiar with the brand. The goal for this project was to design retail-ready packaging that highlights the unique look and feel of the Original sauce line while also making an appropriate pairing for the existing 2.2oz Organic Variety Pack.

The gift pack’s aesthetic was inspired by the bright vibrancy of Yellowbird’s core palette. Typically, the branding dictates that yellow is used as a supporting accent color; however, I felt that moving forward with vibrant yellow packaging would be the best way to compliment the bright white look and feel of the bottle design. It was important that this design felt related to its pair, The Organic Gift Pack, so we maintained a consistent base layout with a few stylistic differences. Each of the foliage illustrations was rendered in Adobe Illustrator with dimensional gradients and added grain. This is a departure from the painterly illustrations on the Organic pack but feels similar with the added textural quality and vibrant color palette. The barcode was also swapped from a pepper (Organic) to a cloud as a callback to the cloud motif appearing on the Original bottle design. The interior of the packaging supports Yellowbird’s natural narrative by featuring a rich green interior with a subtle cow-print texture. Compositionally, the color payoff of the dark velvety-colored interior adds a break from the packaging’s shocking vibrancy.

The vibrant quality of the packaging and incorporated illustrations speak to the unique flavors within.

To experience the heat yourself, visit or visit a local hot sauce shop near you. The Original 2.2oz Variety Pack is now available in the gift shop at the Museum of Ice Cream @Austin, Texas today! I can’t think of a better pair for fresh-picked heat than chilly, pink sweets.

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