Yellowbird Organic Gift Pack

Yellowbird’s 2.2oz bottles were always designed for the Bird on-the-go. The tiny bottle is perfect to weave through treacherous TSA lines or stuff in your rucksack for your upcoming camping expedition. This gift pack, now available online or at REI, bundles your favorite spicy flavors to share with friends and family…or to keep all to yourself. It includes four fresh flavors ranging from mild to wild: Serrano, Sriracha, Habanero, and Ghost Pepper. Sauce responsibly.

Yellowbird’s organic sauce collection is the answer to their Flock’s number one question: How can we get cleaner food without sacrificing flavor? The answer’s always been fresh ingredients, never tainted with harsh preservatives. Their Organics collection takes it one step further, though. Why add sugar, when you’re sweet enough? Yellowbird’s Organic sauce collection is sugar-free, 100% organic, and PaleoVegan certified. This pack was designed because the collection is so delicious, it’s impossible to pick just one.

This gift pack transports you to a garden of piquant peppers illuminated by flickering fireflies. Immerse yourself in nature, and Be the Bird.

Back of Package
Opening Package

The gift pack’s aesthetic was inspired by an impromptu evening picnic — enjoying a spicy treat with loved ones amongst the trees while fireflies flicker in the distance. The dark tonality of the packaging create a striking contrast against the produce and foliage paintings. They appear to have a deeper saturation due to the color asymilation. The small bursts of yellow allude to fireflies that light up Austin, TX’s warm summer nights. The interior of the packaging supports the picnic narrative by incorporating a tight-knit picknic blanket plaid. Compositionally, the color payoff in lightly colored interior adds a break from the packaging’s dominating dark vibe.

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