The movie poster I created for The Royal Tenenbaums is meant to look like an old art poster that’s been printed with a heavy moiré pattern. It was meant to be a large scale 20 x 30 inch print with a vintage feel that reintroduces the impact of old poster design in Europe around the 1920’s. I got the idea to collage the images from the Dada movement but tried to add a modern flair through the use of my palette and type. Young designers barely use their hands anymore when it comes time to create. I myself am guilty of this, so I pushed myself to collage this poster. I don’t think I would’ve achieved the same feeling and effect if I were to just push pixels together in Photoshop.

It wasn’t until I presented the project that I realized how it holds an animated quality about it. Seeing it in large scale, I realized I could take this traditional piece and bring it further into the digital age. Once I started animating it in Adobe Animate CC, all of the pieces quickly came together in my head. I knew instinctively that the starburst effect in the background had to rotate and the flowers had to come in like a vignette. It’s a rare occurrence when a design immediately comes to you and all the pieces fall together. I’m sure some would argue that it’s a trap – that you’re about to fall into mediocrity. Personally, I believe it’s a moment when the stars align, and it’s something to simply enjoy. It rarely happens.

Want to know more about this project?
To learn more about the print aspect of this project, you can access my portfolio entry, “The Royal Tenenbaums Poster.”