The Royal Tenenbaums Poster

This is a movie poster I designed for The Royal Tenenbaums. The poster focuses on the narrative of Royal’s deception in regards to his family. He tells them he has stomach cancer and this lie brings everyone closer together. The turning point in the film occurs when his family realizes he’s been taking jelly beans in place of medicine and he isn’t ill at all. I chose to illustrate this event in my poster.

In my design, you see Royal’s hand reaching into a pill bottle, but pulling out something that’s clearly a Jelly Belly jelly bean. White roses are also a common symbol in the film. They appear every time the family visits the cemetery and also signify Royal’s character development from a scheming con-man into a caring family man. I made this my framing element.

“Can’t someone be a shit their whole life and try to repair the damage?”


The aesthetic of my poster is a combination of old chromolithography found in my moiré pattern and expressive poster design. My typographic treatment of the title is meant to reference the old Oklahoma! posters, with their curved type changing in scale. I also noticed throughout the movie Wes Anderson sticks to a vibrant color palette focused on pinks and greens; therefore, I chose this color palette in my poster.

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