Tactix Tenant Brokers

Tactix is a real estate brokerage firm that advocates exclusively for the interests of tenants. During my time at Michael Graves Architecture & Design, Tactix approached us to design a chess piece icon, a brochure, and a poster design. We extended the project further to include an animation, as well.

The chess piece icon we designed for Tactix is based on the Knight. This further¬†solidifies the idea that they fight to defend the rights of those in need. The icon’s design was inspired by the rigid structures found in Cubism and was further transformed into a clean vector graphic with an accompanying tagline.

We were so fortunate to work with Tactix because they encouraged creative solutions. It was liberating to have the freedom to try new production methods. 

When we approached the visuals for the poster and brochure, we felt it was best to proceed with a modern and masculine aesthetic. We used illustrated vector graphics because they have a crisp, clean appearance. To avoid looking sterile, we also included a light screen-printed texture that adds a humanistic feeling to the designs. Tactix Tenant Brokers help families in the tri-state area, so it’s important that we illustrate their sense of justice in delivering fair housing for all.