Pincha Salt Magazine

Pincha Salt Magazine is a culinary lifestyle publication I designed. First, I sampled written article content from Food Network and Lucky Peach Magazine. Then, I worked on each of the layouts for my articles. I had to cook each dish, and then learn food photography – which can be a little tricky. It’s important to shoot your dish when it’s fresh. This means your camera, lighting, and set have to be completely ready. I had to use placeholders to prepare my set so I wouldn’t waste any time when the food was finally ready to shoot. 

“Pasta and salad dishes should be shot from an aerial perspective because they typically appear flat from any other angle.”

I worked to demonstrate a variety of publication themes. I created two articles, each with variations in composition, two ads, an infographic, and an interactive cover that folds out to reveal the cover photo’s recipe.

“To make the pancakes appear fuller, we inserted small torn pieces of tortillia between each of the layers.”