Shave Time Kit

Save time with Shave Time. Today there are too many guidelines to keep up with for getting through TSA. Shave Time gets you through your line faster with liquids pre-measured up to 3.0 fl oz so you don’t have to sacrifice your shave the next time you fly. Shave Time is a unisex shave kit that houses a razor with disposable blades, shaving cream, restoring balm, priming oil, and a nick stick – all accompanied by a coupon for four free blades.

Back of package

The kit is shaped like a suitcase for easy handling and can be purchased at the airport or delivered to your door before your next flight. To receive your four free blades, you must go to Shave Time’s website and sign up for their incredibly convenient service.

Opening package

The kit’s aesthetic was inspired by vintage suitcases embellished with travel stickers but was modernized in a way that was less hokey and more elevated due to the refined color palette, graphic nature and clean typography on the back of the box, and imbalanced proximity in the clusters of stickers. Moreover, the stickers served a purpose for the most part and were less of a decorative element.

Inside kit

Inside, the individual wrapper designs for the products were inspired by the classic rotating barber’s pole seen frequently in shave shops since the middle ages. The light blue was selected for the friction-fit wells because it helps the oranges in the brown leather pop out and they complement one another. Adding to that point, red, white, and blue serve as the basic color palette because the company puts a heavy emphasis on the fact that it’s American.

Package in use