Baumé is an existing molecular gastronomy destination in Palo Alto, California. During my Restaurant Branding course, I was fortunate enough to have them assigned to me in an academic capacity.

My new identity is fueled by the theme art meets food. Chef Bruno Chemel creates beautiful, innovative dishes that look like works of art, and I felt that the brand would benefit by incorporating that as a key principle.

Extended identity aesthetic

I took a painterly watercolor texture and used it as a motif throughout the identity. I would use it as a stain, a wash of color, and as an accent for food photography in the website.  The typography is kept rather conservative using Helvetica for section heads and Garamond for items and descriptions. These typefaces work well together because Helvetica is modern, geometric, and bold, while Garamond is classical, elegant, and timeless. The type treatment is juxtaposed to the modernized flair Baumé adds to traditional French cuisine.

Clip-board menu and business cards
Chocolate bar packaging
Olive oil bottle design

“Baumé is where art meets cuisine. Delicate watercolor staining integrates itself into Chef Bruno Chemel’s culinary pursuits in this modern design.”

Baumé does not function under this identity, and it should be viewed as a separate entity entirely. This brand identity is student work and does not reflect Baumé as a business.